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we are Big Tiny Houses!


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Big tiny houses was born to show that you don't need a mansion to have a beautiful house with a great design.

"Our main goal is to inspire! To show that you can think outside the box and not be just another one, a copy of a copy. Embrace your individuality and express it to the world, because your home is more than just a roof and protection—it conveys and influences emotions. And the feeling we aim to evoke with each new house is originality!

We were born as a YouTube channel, but our objective is you! We want to show you how diverse architecture can be and how there are various different ways of living. We want you to join this world, the world of architecture enthusiasts"

Welcome, Architecture Lover!

Meet us!

Douglas Pinheiro



With 8 years of experience in architecture and over 10.000m² / 107639ft² of completed projects, including architectural and interior designs for residential, commercial, and corporate spaces, it's a pleasure to meet you!

"Each project is unique and holds a different story, reflecting life journeys and personal tastes, showcasing our differences from one another. Every home is distinctive and represents much more than a mere structure. I won't rest until I prove to you that you don't need a mansion to have a beautiful house with exceptional design!"

We want to continue inspiring you!

Architecture Lover, I'm thrilled that you're interested in our work, and my goal is to keep bringing the highest quality videos/houses to my awesome architecture lovers!


However, the cost of creating designs from scratch, animating, and editing is very expensive and time-consuming. On average, our videos take about 200 to 300 hours to complete. If it were a workday, it would be 12 hours a day, and it would take 25 days for a single video/house to be ready.


Maintaining this endeavor comes with significant financial costs. We believe in the principle of giving before receiving, and that's why we turn to you, our dedicated audience, for assistance.


Although over the years we have cultivated an incredibly loyal and passionate community, we still don't have the numbers to support an operation of this scale. Plus, Big Tiny Houses is run by just one person, which makes everything even more challenging.


And that's where crowdfunding campaigns come in: Do you enjoy a content creator and want to see them thrive? With a modest monthly contribution, you can make that happen and more.

the results of your contribution:

 We want to be proud to say one day that we are an independent company thanks to you, who contribute to our work.


Together, we can nurture a vibrant architectural community that fosters innovation and creativity. Your contribution, no matter how small, makes a significant impact on our ability to continue providing valuable content for years to come.

But we want to go even further!


There are various ways to support our work, both directly and indirectly.


Contribute and become a partner in our office:

Spread the word about our work!

Like and share our videos on YouTube and Instagram. Spread the name Big Tiny Houses!

Together, let's create a thriving architectural community and make a difference. Your support is greatly appreciated!


Thank you,

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