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Open your World to Possibilities: Make The Gate House Your Next Home Sweet Home!

Own a unique loft that defies conventions. With innovative design and industrial aesthetics, it offers spaciousness and an airy atmosphere. Every detail celebrates modernity and architectural excellence. Open yourself to a new home sweet home!

Get the Full Experience: Tour Your New Home:

Have you ever imagined living in a home that transcends conventional living? A fusion of urban elegance and functionality, the Gate House beckons, offering an extraordinary retreat where every detail inspires and transforms your daily experience

Welcome to your new home, where every moment transcends ordinary living. Constructed from 2 40ft shipping containers, it offers a seamless fusion of indoor and outdoor spaces, where the boundaries between living, dining, and relaxation blur effortlessly. Here, you'll find more than just a dwelling – you'll uncover a lifestyle experience that ignites your sense of adventure and inspires creativity. The Gate House is your perfect sanctuary.

Minimum Lot Size
6m x 20m / 19,6ft x 65,6ft
Shipping Containers
2 40ft Units
First floor
32,52m² / 350,0sqft
Second floor
16,73m² / 180,08sqft
Total Area
49,25m² / 530,12sqft
1 or 2
1 Car
Permeability area
10,52m² / 113,23sqft