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Living near a serene lake amidst nature is a dream, isn't it? But this stunning waterfront home takes your dream to a whole new level. Join us on an exclusive home tour of this ultra-modern house with contemporary architecture and breathtaking waterfront views.


The core concept of this house is its seamless integration with the natural beauty of the surroundings, achieved through the use of organic materials like stones, wood, and concrete. Offering panoramic 360-degree views, this house is designed to preserve both the scenic vistas and your privacy.


Elevated above the lake on four V-shaped pillars, the main entrance features a curved ramp that mimics the gentle movement of the water. As you walk along the ramp, you'll be captivated by the mesmerizing nature surrounding you.


The entire house is adorned with folding panels called muxarabis, which can be opened to reveal the picturesque surroundings. Not only do these panels add a touch of elegance, but they also facilitate ventilation and allow natural light to permeate through their intricate patterns.


Step inside, and you'll be greeted by a warm and cozy interior, adorned with shades of gray, black, and wooden accents. Every piece of furniture has been carefully selected to harmonize with the overall concept of the house.


This remarkable waterfront home boasts two suites offering breathtaking views of the nature, complete with indulgent bathtubs where you can unwind and enjoy the scenery while savoring a glass of fine wine. There's even a small cellar to store your most prized bottles, perfect for celebrating milestones or enjoying a peaceful evening surrounded by nature.


A home on the waterfront deserves exclusive access to the lake, especially on hot days. If you enjoy swimming or sunbathing, the house features an outdoor area with two loungers that provide direct access to the shimmering waters.


Movement is the defining characteristic of this house. In addition to direct access to the lake, the roof is designed as a water mirror, reflecting the surroundings, while glass ceilings in various rooms allow you to witness the soothing motion of water within.


The Folding House is a masterpiece of contemporary architecture, seamlessly blending with its natural environment, whether nestled by a tranquil lake or set amidst a lush green field.


Join us for an immersive home tour and get ready for an enchanting house walkthrough, where you'll witness the allure of this waterfront home firsthand.

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