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Discover the Ultimate Beachfront Living Experience

Welcome to the Sails House, where modern architecture meets the serenity of the beach. Imagine living in a uniquely designed house just a few steps away from the ocean. In today's tour, you'll get to explore this dream come true!


This stunning house spans only 85m² / 914 ft², yet it boasts a distinctive and minimalist architectural style. Leveraging the natural slope of the land, we strategically concealed the house from the street, with all living spaces situated at beach level. As you approach the house, you'll find only the entrance and garage at street level. The entire social area of the house, including the living room, kitchen, and bedroom, offers breathtaking views of the ocean.


What truly captivates attention is the house's deconstructed form, inspired by the sails of a boat. Taking inspiration from boats with triangular-shaped sails, we incorporated this concept into the main facade facing the sea. Accessing the house from the street level involves crossing a green roof, reminiscent of accessing the accommodations of a sailboat.


As you descend the unified staircase, the magnificent view of the ocean unfolds before you. The interior of the house adopts a loft concept, where all spaces seamlessly blend together into a single unified area. However, the staircase not only serves as access but also divides the social area (living room and kitchen) from the bedroom.


Throughout the house, we have utilized a combination of white and wood, evoking the essence of a modern and luxurious sailing vessel. The white color scheme enhances the sense of spaciousness and luminosity, elevating the overall luxurious feel. The use of wood brings warmth and coziness, embracing the residents with a sense of comfort.


Are you ready to embark on a journey across the seven seas aboard this magnificent sailboat-inspired house? Welcome to the Sails House, where the beauty of the beach and the allure of modern design converge.

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