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Live with Purpose: Own a House where Breaks Gain Meaning and Reshapes Your Purpose.

Have a home that values every moment. The MA house is not just a residence; it's an experience that celebrates the importance of silence and contemplation. A unique home that meets all the needs of your family, providing an exceptional living experience.

Get the Full Experience: Tour Your New Home:

Have you ever imagined living in a space that transcends the ordinary, completely redefining your approach to life? A home that embodies concept and design, providing an exceptional living experience?

Welcome to the MA house, where every pause and emptiness gain profound meaning. With 3 bedrooms, the house offers warmth and functionality on a plot of just 50m² /538sqft. With its minimalist architecture, the house envelops you in serenity with soft lights. The functional and cozy spaces create a unique atmosphere of calm and harmony. If you seek to live a life with purpose and tranquility, this home is the right choice.

Minimum Lot Size
5m x 10m / 16,40fr x 32,80ft
House dimension
4.85m x9.65m / 15,11ft x 31,8ft
Permeability area
5m² / 53sqft
Ground Floor
44,37m² / 477,59ft²
First Floor
36,73m² / 395,35ft²
Second floor
37,50m² / 403,64ft²
Total Area
118,6m² / 1276,59 sqft
Concrete or Metal
Powder Room
1 Car