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industrial Loft house: Embrace the Beauty of Nature in Your Home


Experience the transformative power of windows, bringing the outside world into the comfort of your own home. Windows act as blank canvases, framing breathtaking landscapes and offering a source of warmth and fresh air. They connect us to the outside world, instilling a sense of belonging to something greater. A window is a gateway to the unexpected.


So why not embrace the unexpected and create a home with floor-to-ceiling windows on its facade? Introducing the Window Loft. With a bold concept of featuring a large window that encompasses the entire house, including the living room, kitchen, and bedroom, this design fits perfectly on a small plot of just 90m² / 968ft². The loft concept seamlessly blends integrated spaces, double-height ceilings, and mezzanines – principles commonly found in lofts.


In the Window Loft, we opted for natural and raw materials, creating a striking contrast within the house. The connection between the external and internal environments is accentuated by the juxtaposition of warm light streaming through the expansive window and the coolness of exposed concrete. The main volume of the house is constructed with exposed concrete, complemented by a large pivot window on the facade. To maintain focus on the concrete, we utilized black accents for the social entrance.


Rustic is the defining characteristic of this house, combining simplicity and timeless materials – a perfect blend for an industrial style. The combination of double-height ceilings and the expansive window creates an illusion of spaciousness, filling the compact spaces with abundant natural light.


Don't be fooled, though. The daring facade design ensures privacy and temperature control. Each panel of the window can be individually moved, allowing for selective ventilation on colder days. Additionally, by combining the window with blackout curtains, you can envelop the entire facade, safeguarding your privacy.


Of course, a bold facade like this deserves a beautiful backdrop, whether it's perched atop a hill with panoramic city views or nestled amidst a lush natural reserve. The possibilities for breathtaking landscapes are endless.


The house features:


  • Underground Garage / Bar

  • Spacious integrated area comprising the living room, dining room, and kitchen

  • Powder room

  • Mezzanine bedroom

  • Bathroom with a bathtub

  • Laundry area

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